Well, I rode into work, and was going to ride into NYC right from there – and I am SO glad I decided to go home and put on some thermals. I met up with Fuzz at the park & ride, and she was clearly NOT HAPPY about the temperature. It`s crazy how you can go 1 half hour east, and the temperature drops 10 degrees.

Off we head into NYC. I am almost at 1000 miles on the 6r, and I`ll tell you, if I shift into 7th gear one mroe time I am giving it away. I am so not used to hearing the bike whine out like an inline does, and there I am, looking for an extra shift. I am dumb.

Traffic as usual as we finally get to the Williamsburg bridge and cross into the city. Fuzz is awfully quiet, she hasn`t been feeling well, so either she still feels sick, or she hates me. We cross the city streets, and are the first to arrive at the Ear. Myko and Ronnie Bravo are coming in fron NJ, and should be here any minute.

I meet the infamous Ron – he is as goofy and fun as the rest of us, and we spend the nite telling tales, goofing off, just being. What a great time, these are some great folks and I sit there thinking about how great its going to be this summer. Ron is popping off pictures of `stuff`, we are surrounded by BMW GS`s, and Ducati elitists. Ron`s got a 748 too, another snob. Myko and I revel in our happiness over our bikes. It`s wierd that we both have the same feelings about them, it`s like Kawasaki made them for just us.

1 more diet coke and we decide to call it a nite. man, what a great time, jsut hanging out on a street corner in front of a bar, shooting the shit and enjoying good company. We say our goodbyes, and once again, feel bummed as Myko and Ron ride off.

Well, it`s not too cold – I feel like the ride will be ok, not too chilly. We stop off in Queens for gas, and meet a wacky guy who rode a kz1000 across the country a few times. Oh the people you meet. When we hit rt 107, a wave of cold air comes across us. Man its cold. I decide to pass my exit and ride a little further with fuzz, offer my solidarity in braving the weather. By the time we get to exit 48, man, its really fn freezing. I feel horrible for fuzz, I know how cold it is going to be as she gets closer to home. I wave goodbye, shift into 7th one more time, and head home.