I push my bike out on to the street on this crisp Saturday morning – I have been up for hours, not by choice, but because I am so excited about getting out there that my body woke me up hours before my alarm becuase it couldn`t handle the buildup.

What gear to wear – I`ve got all new gear for this season, how great it is that I have enough to choose which I will be sporting for today`s ride. I think I`ll stick with the race replica and my perffed pants, in case its a little chilly.

I check the weather, for the 14th time – zipcodes from all over NY state, my town, as well as Fuzzy`s (I know we are going in the opposite direction, but damn, I just want to read again how nice of a day this will be. Besides, I have 2 hours before I have to leave, I gotta find something to do.)

Phone call while I was in the shower – I check the timestamp on my cell, thinking something might have changed our departure. It`s not a message from Fuzz, but from Brooklyn Brian. He sends me an IM moments later, his bike was stolen last nite and won`t be joining us. I call him, and know immediately the pain he is feelin. Freakin scumbags. Man I jsut hate people.

Knots in the stomach as I head up to the park &amp ride to meet fuzzy. I wonder if she is as excited as I am – I am pretty sure she is. I pull through the lots, and she is there waiting. My belly wrenches, I am so pumped. Just seeing her sitting there, tells me that I am going to have a great day. Off we head to meet up with Myko in Rockland, grab some pancakes and energize for the ride ahead.

Riding behind fuzz (as I have done many times in the past) is like, well, it`s an amazing experience. Such a solitary sport, you vs. whatever the road might provide – but sometimes you lock in with someone, and you share the moment even though you are doing it singularly – that happens with fuzz, it`s a great thing to find someone who can share that. On this ride, she`s wearing her new OGK ff3gp helmet – and pigtails. I find myself cracking up at one point, her helmet, from the back, looks like a frog`s head – and her pigtails are like the arms, waving at passing cars, wiggling, just, checking out the scene. That crazy frog…

Pancakes are delicious. Choc Chip pancakes are heavenly. After Myko meets up with us, and we finish our feast, it`s time to hit the pavement. We gas up, and head towards the infamous `cow-poo road`. It`s wild, the road actually does smell like poo – some great farm country, rolling hills an great views make for an amazing morning. We stop off for a few photos and to view the local farm, stocked with plenty of cows, and of course, some camels. Camels. Upstate NY. Where the hell am I. Only Fuzz could find this.

Longview road, and I am stuck in the back as I watch Fuzz and Myko tear away – damn this break-in crap! We eventually lock back in a group and enjoy some great sweepers through the countryside. At the end, Myko falshes me the look I know I am wearing – one of awe at this new bike. We shoot the shit, try to catch up to Fuzz, and Myko gets nailed for 83 in a 55 by a cop reading the paper. Fuzz spins around, flashes the smile, wink, and the `My hubby`s a cop` pick-up line, and the cop doesn`t care. Does he help Myko at all? No. Writes him the full speed. Slime. Hopefully that guy never needs any networking assistance, I`ll crash the matrix on him.

We head off down the road, 17a delivers some amazing turns, froggy is with us waving away, and we head on. I am trying to remember every road we`ve ridden, and I am already forgetting some as we move forward. Rt 23 is jsut amazing, a little annoying traffic as we go thru high point park. Did I mention this is absolutely beautiful out here? Amazing weather, and the views are beyond words. On we go… Hawks nest – an amazing view, and a short set of twisties that apparently all the locals like to hit – it`s only about half a mile long, but has some fast switchbacks. We stop off for a break and meet a silly young lad, donned in a textile jacket, sneakers, and cargo pants. His first comment `Man, you guys are dressed like you are expecting to crash` Perhaps one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I am surprised at Fuzz`s control – she nciely explains to him why he is a fool. We all join in, explaining why gear is important. As we speak, a few guys come by, hanging off their bikes in Khakis and sweatshirts. APparently they aren`t adding flouride to the local water supply or something. Our new friend rides off into the sunset, we all hope he took our words to heart. BTW, it was his first day on a sportbike. Hopefully not his last.

We hit a few long fast sweeps on 97 and 55 (I think that`s where we were), and I am actually choked up at the end of the set. Choked up – like, I found something I was missing for a long time, like, that feeling when your world is coming down and you see the face of someone you care about, and run up and give them a hug. Kinda soft? Yes. But an amazing feeling to be one with your bike and the road. I soooo missed this. Winter is too long.

We have been riding soooo long that I am waiting to see signs for `Montreal, next left`. I wouldn`t have it any other way. A stop in New Paltz for some lunch – a tasty burger and fries will hit the spot. Time to adjust our clutch levers, the stock position is poo and making my girly hands ache. I can`t believe what time it is, and how many hours have passed – it feels like I was just finishing my pancakes – and here we are, heading towards home. How I wish the day would just go on forever.

Home. Yuck. We head down, thru the park, and wave off as Myko leaves us. Man this part sucks – we will ride again, but when the group starts to break up, well, it feels like it is all over. Fuzz and I stop off for a quick refuelling and a convo about our day. Off we head, through the hell that is the Bronx, my stupid ezpass still on the fritz, and on to the Island for horrible traffic. I offered to ride the Duc for a little while to save fuzz`s hand (well, ok, I just wanted to ride the duc) – she happily refuses. Bitch.

Traffic breaks, well, 30 miles later. We get a short blast on the LIE before I wave goodbye to fuzz. This part always sucks, it`s like I am losing a part of myself as I head home alone. Maybe it makes the next ride even better, but it feels shitty now.