Went to see a client today – who called me to come troubleshoot a hardware installation, of which I have no expertise or knowledge.  Ahh how I love these visits.

An hour after I get there, check in, find the client, finally get into the server room –  I immediately realize they have entered their gateway in incorrectly. I change the gateway address, and voila, everthing works.  Now I have to wait for 45 minutes for the folks in California to come back from lunch to test their connection.  Don’t wait for lunch on my behalf, just make me wait.  It’s ok.

I know I bill for this.  I know I am working, and it shouldn’t matter what I am doing if I am being paid.  But honestly, when I have to drive to a client, deal with security and getting vistors badges and whatnot, to walk across the entire facility, jump through hoops, say the password, learn the secret handshake, do three pirouettes, with one baby zebra, to find out that the installer incorrectly entered a facking address, I am pissed.  This isn’t even my job.  I just get stuck doing it because I have a technical and networking background.

I have less of a problem doing it if there is a legitimate failure. But typos, man, that is just shite.