April 13th – brisk morning, once again I wake up at 5a and can’t fall back to sleep. Out I head to wheel the bike out, do a quick oil change and get the bike ready for the day’s ride. Fuzz sends me an IM at 7a, she’s already dressed and pacing her house – oh how I love this excitement. I am donning my new Dainese suit, new Alpinestar SMXplus boots and my new OGK – it’s a first REAL ride for the new equipment. My feet are already thanking me for getting rid of the speedstar boots.

7:40a – we meet at the Park & Ride – It’s such a great morning, a little chilly but who cares. I give Fuzz the biggest smile and hug I can muster, it is just great to see her today.

Off we go – LIE to the Cross Island parkway – past the Marina where a cop is sitting. We pass by, not moving very fast, and he rolls up behind us. I move to the center lane, he slowly pulls beside me, and I know we are in trouble. I look and see it is VTL1180ny, a fellow rider from LI. He pulls us over, laughing the whole time – we talk for a few and say our goodbyes. As I mount my steed, I am still not sure if he will actually write us a ticket.

We head up to the diner – and are the first to arrive. Fuzz goes with some eggs, and this communist diner doesn’t make chocolate chip pancakes. I go with the banana PC’s – a reasonable second choice.

Myko pulls up soon after – and it’s like the world is complete. It’s like, well, now the pieces are in just the right place, and anything else that happens is just icing. I get this giddy psyched feeling when we see him walk in, the circle is complete! We shoot the shiznit, Ron, Eric and their buddy James pull up – we finish breakfast and off we go.

I’d attempt to remember each road we took, but I would be full of it. Regardless, we hit some great roads and head up to Marcus Dairy. It is certainly chilly out here this morning, the sun is up but not helping us with radiance. While there, Ron is having fun with his camera, Captain America stopped by on his harley for a quick tour, Fuzzy does her mayoral duties by kissing babies and saying hi to EVERYONE there – man she really does know everyone. We leave after watching a jackass almost crash his Augusta pulling in and out of the parking lot.

Off to many other twisty roads, none of which I can remember – Fuzz takes us through the countryside, finding some great fast sweepers through farmland, awesome elevation changes, etc – I am actually laughing out loud at points, it is soo damned great. She never ceases to amaze me with great routes. Our fearless leader!

We stop off at a big 180 degree sweeper to take pics of folks draggin their stuff. While there, Fuzzy `Da Mayor` Galore knows a few people riding by. In the middle of nowhere. She knows people riding by. How??

Good god, Eric and Ron are fast. Myko takes 1 mellow lap, then comes flying by with his knee out – I knew he couldn’t hold it in! :) Along comes fuzz, who now has the 996 sideways – this whole crew rides too damned well. I shoot a few pics while watching, then head out with Fuzz to take a few laps. On my first lap thru, I feel something touch my back as the seat cowl unlatches from the back o the bike and goes flying – I don’t bother stopping, no point ruining my first lap through. I head back, pick up my now-scratched cowl, and revel in misery. Sonofabitch.

We take 301 out, pass a cop but he keeps going. We decide to follow the rest of the crew up to the traffic circle – where a group of foreigners are hanging out – a few go around the circle a few times, draggin their knees with jeans on. Fools. Hopefully he gets gravel poisoning. Ron and Eric shoot out and show them how it’s done (AKA trying to drag their elbows). They finish up , say goodbye, and Ron, Eric and James ride away.

We sit for a bit, Myko says his goodbyes and rides off into the sunset. Blah. It’s over already. I wish we could set the clock back and do it all over again. Come back Myko, come back!!!

Fuzz and I head out on 9d, she’s on the 6r and I am on her 996 (woohoo I love when her clutch hand gets tired!) Alas, we hit the gas station and she takes the 996 back. Dammit. Off we go, back to Long Island. Stop off for dinner at the chrome diner on rt107. Food and Talk, Fuzz gets some mistery apple pie, and we head back outside. The weather is really quite nice, not too cold, clear skies. I really hate this part. Going home. Saying goodbye. Putting the bike away. I follow her to 110, and slide away into the nite. I miss you guys already…