I was going to do a ride log for yesterday, then I decided against it.

We had a great trip up to the Diner on 22, then to the dairy (met fuzz’s friend Chris), over to Perkins, then the traffic circle.  It was a beautiful day.

I think I would like to log something a bit more important tho.  Something Fuzzy and I were talking about in the diner.   Pardon me while I get mushy.

Riding is pretty amazing - it allows you connections and opportunities to meet people you would otherwise NEVER meet.  And yet, the friendships I have made are more important to me than those I spent years building in the past.  Maybe it’s because it is such a passion for us, something so close to our hearts that when shared, immediately bonds us together.  Maybe its the immediate trust that must be had to operate something so dangerous in such close proximity with others.  Or maybe we were lucky to find each other.

What I do know – is that I am pretty lucky to have met these folks.  They really bring me joy, and it is great to share something so great with people who make the experience that much better.  Who else could make sitting on a picnic bench watching the world go by something I miss. :)

Fuzz, Myko – I love you guys!