Ok, I have issues with this ridiculous weather we have had since NOVEMBER!!  Seriously, what is the deal?  It’s funny, life seems so bland and predictable sometimes..Like every day over the past few years has been exactly the same.  The last time we had a winter like this was over 10 years ago.

Finally, this year I buy a new car and motorcycle…just because.  This was my first new car I had since I was 16.  The cars I owned before this one were the work of the devil.  As for the motrocycle, it’s been a few years since I swung a leg over a sportbike.

So, you can imagine how psyched I am to ride my ass of this season..Here is the problem.. It snows every other day!  One day I would love to tear the shite out of some roads..but when exactly is this going to happen?
When exactly will the roads be free of salt and gravel?

My eyes are glued to every weather broadcast online or on the teli..I am convinced that the high pressure system that has been over Canada since November, is not moving unitl June 2008.  I need the sunshine.  I need the feeling of walking outside and not feeling hot or cold.  Everyone knows that feeling..Where the f–k are the birds?  The flowers?  hmm..It’s that damn thing over Canada.

Seriously, this winter/spring is like a very long commercial during WSB on the Speed Channel.  I just want to see the races.  I don’t give a shite about a mortgage or bank loan that will save me hundreds of dollars.

When will the commercial end?