Been trying to clean up the CL motor – it had a bit of grime and rust from it’s 38 years of road smut.

I spent the better part of an afternoon cleaning off the rust and genghis with single 0 steel wool – but wanted to even up the finish.Had a friend recommend (and give me an extra bottle he had) of ‘;Way 2EZ Polish’;. Wow.

This stuff is miraculous. With minimal effort and about 5 minutes worth of work, it took dingy old aluminum and polished it up to a great finish – is it perfect? Nope. But man, the motor looks 1000 percent better.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend this stuff for anyone looking to beautify or restore some old dingy metal. Can’t be had in stores – but if you call or email the company (L. Beaux Greeze & co.),or grab from their website they will take your order and get you some quickly.
L. Beaux Greeze & Co
Long Beach, MS
(228) 452-7519
(228) 697-6619