Ugh. Normally I do my own tires at a friend’s garage – but due to bad planning, and an upcoming trip, I had to bite the bullet and go retail for new sneaks for the triple because I am leaving Thursday and needed them asap.

I went past Ramp Triumph, who had marked up the tires about 100 per tire! I eventually stopped off at another dealer, who took me in Saturday morning and did them pretty quickly. The guys over there are nice, and I don’t mind paying them the $$ if someone has to get it.

However, I got raped. I don’t mind paying an extra 50-100$ for both tires, but don’t rape me for 45$ a tire for mounting! Normally, I’d expect that kind of installation charge if I brought my own tires with me, as I am pulling from their bottom line – but I am buying the tires from you! There’s no way it took him a legitamate 1.25 hours (roughly the 90 bucks for hourly rate I paid) to swap out 2 tires.

I blame myself – but it’s BS anyway.