Boy, am I the laziest guy or what.  Oh well, I had to redo a bathroom, and some other junk, and this project took a bit of a rest.  I have been recently revitalized, and looks like we are back on track :)   I brought a pile of parts to the powdercoater last week, and they should be done any day.

In March I sent emails around to anyone I could find online who sold Newtronic stuff in hopes of finding anyone with a leftover electronic ignition – to no avail.  I did speak to a guy in Australia (about 5 lines of text conversation in total), who told me he had none, and wasn’t sure if he’d ever see any again.  2 weeks ago, I received an email from him – he got his hands on ONE h05 kit!  He told me he had a list of guys waiting for one, but as I had asked long ago, I was first on the list.  Voila! Pluto lines up with the moon, and I am now the owner of a new kit.
 Down with points, I say!

Got a call today from the powdercoater, and the parts are done!  I’ll get some pics up, maybe tomorrow, after I pick em up.  Exciting!