A couple of weeks ago, Fuzz started a conversation on a forum about helmets, who bought what, what they thought of it, etc. I replied about the Arai Corsair I picked up last spring to replace a 3 year old Corsair, and had mentioned how I tried on a Schuberth S1 during the summer and how comfortable it was.

After that conversation, i started searching aruond for prices, etc, simply to see what they were going for and how cheap I could find one for – normally they go in the low $700′s, but I found one at a small shop who, after some haggling, agreed to the bargain price of $295 with free shipping. I couldnt’ resist (and got a buddy to get another one along with me, to replace his current S1).

Man this story is getting long.

Anyway, the helmet is AWESOME. Super comfy, very plush inside, the lower skirt seals out most of the noise, and NOTHING beats the flip down/up sunshade (I’ve always had a problem finding sunglasses that fit inside the helmet). It’s a bit heavier than others, but nothing so bad that I wouldn’t want it. It’s a little tight to get into, as the bottom of the helmet sticks out more than usual and closes the open area where wind and noise usually flow up into the bottom. it’s also got a quick-release buckle for the chin strap which makes getting on and off with gloves a snap. My only complaint is that the strap adjustment is relatively short, and I’d probably like an extra half inch of play to loosen the strap just a little.

Boy, what a boring review. Alas, a great helmet none-the-less. Thoroughly recommended.