Finally got on the ball and starting to make progress in finishing this damned bike up.

I ran the wiring and mounted up the controls on the bars, &amp ran the clutch and brake lines.

I finally got to working on the linkages for the shifter and rear brake. The shifter linkage was a bit of an issue, because the RR rearsets I am using do not have the shifter arm as part of the rearset – on the RR they are mounted separately. I toyed with a few different ideas on how to get the shifter arm mounted up, from welding an extension on the arm iteself and running it GP shift right on the spindle, to shortening the arm and using it on the old pivot – nothing seemed to ‘work’ the way I’d like. Luckily, the spindle clamp from an F4i rearset I had in the garage had the same number of splines as the spindle on the CL so I decided to use that along with the actuator bar from the F4i. I drilled out the inside of an old Husky 10mm socket, which is the perfect diameter to act as a pivot for the RR shifter arm.

And old stanless muffler bracket I had from a Micron can that used to be on my 636 ended up being good stock for a mounting point for the shifter arm. I drilled out the basic location for each part with Fuzz’s help, then used some vitamin jars to scribe out a nicer pattern on the stock. Shot over to a buddy’s house who had a band saw with the right blade to cut the turns, and mounted the piece of up last nite to check the fit.