Once we left Como on the way up to Bellagio, we immediately learned an important lesson about roads over in Italy – sometimes they aren’t very wide.  Often, you are sharing road space with oncoming traffic in what we would consider a narrow one-way street in the States.   At times the road tightens with little warning, where you can come around a blind turn and suddenly realize there’s just enough room for 1 car to make it through, and you are facing-off with a large metro bus coming in the opposite direction.   Once you’ve spent a little time travelling it becomes a lot more commonplace, but I can say that the first few times it happens it’s rather surprising.

And tunnels.  Tunnels everywhere (which makes sense, sometimes it’s much easier to go through the mountain than around it), and there are tons of mountains (which is why we went in the first place :) ).  Some are lined with concrete, lighted, etc – others are simply holes blown out of the mountain without lighting.  With turns.  Inside.  Hairpins.  In the dark.  Sometimes they’ll punch out some windows through the rock, which offer small one-second vistas as you meander through the tunnel.  They were all very different, and pretty amazing.

I put together a quick vid of some tunnels, hairpins and tight squeezes we found early on in the trip:

You can also find yourself sharing the road with, shall we say, more free-thinking vehicles, some of which might even decide to eat your tailbag if you aren’t paying attention…