In this photo we have the seemingly innocuous Scootcar, rented in San Francisco a couple of years ago under the advisement of one FuzzyGalore.  Notice she’s not the sucker tasked with piloting that three-wheeled death trap.

Three wheels of utter terror

Three wheels of utter terror


Now, if you are considering driving in one around on relatively horizontal roadways, they are reasonably unsafe.  The vibrating wheel and loose front end make up for the complete lack of brakes and/or acceleration.  Bend or lean the road on any plane and it becomes exponentially more difficult to control.


Clearly unsatisfied with any garden-variety danger level, we decided a good vehicle test would be to take it down Lombard street (the curviest street in the galaxy, I think).

At the top of Lombard there were a good handful of people cheering us on – and let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure they were hoping for a fiery crash.  We navigated the road without incident, but at the bottom is a long decline where at one point I looked over at Fuzzy and remarked that my leg was going to fall off from pressing the drum brakes, the car was not stopping and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep us from riding through the intersection out of control.




This post is part of a series inspired by – we are trying to post a moto picture every day for February!  Can you do 29 in 29?!