First off, Happy Birthday Fuzzy :)


For today’s photo, a little credit for our friend Lou – a couple of years ago, we spent a day down in the Pine Barrens in NJ with Lou and a mutual friend.  I love Lou because of his, like so many of our friends, “all in” attitude – he goes big or doesn’t go at all – and when he saw this huge puddle out in front, he figured “go big”, wacked the throttle open, and tore in expecting to blaze through the deep water.


That lasted about 1 second, before he went ass over teakettle and submarined his 450 into the muck. It took three of us a good 5 minutes to get him un-suctioned. It took another 15 minutes for us to stop laughing.


Lou rocks.

Who`s the u-boat commander?

Who`s the u-boat commander?


This post is part of a series inspired by – we are trying to post a moto picture every day for February!  Can you do 29 in 29?!