So where did Crudmop’s 636 go you might ask?


Well I had called my dad the other day to see how his time in Florida had been, he owns a house there and hangs out in it during the off season.  He knows i’m a motorcycle fanatic and he is a bit of a rider himself.  He used to race an old Ducati single on a dirt track during the war in Vietnam.  He continued this passion after the war and now owns a 2001 Honda Valkyrie.  And I have seen him take some old Hondas off dirt jumps, he can ride pretty damn well I say! So while on the phone we have the following conversation.


“You know what I want?”


“What dad?”




I had no idea but my dad has never ever owned a sportbike!  Sure he has taken my 1098 for a spin here and there but that was it.  Just so happens our friend Crudmop on here had a 2003 Kawasaki 636 for sale.  A perfect match in my eyes and my dad with all his gusto agreed by saying  ”Screw the hogs lets get it!”


So here he is grinning ear to ear on his new to him 636!


Seeing my dad pick this bike up at his age put a huge grin on my face as well.  Maybe we both will ride our sportbikes to Deals Gap this summer, I can only hope!  The bike is in a good home we promise to put it to good use!


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