My 2008 Ducati 1098 is the most fun and aggravating bike I have ever owned.  It was the one bike to properly introduce me to the world of riding.  This includes the fun times and the I want to kick my broken bike off the cliff times, exotics…………I can’t get away from them!  This thing has taken me from NY to Deal’s gap all by myself , made it through 700 mile sunday rides and my first trackday.  The bike recently hit 19k miles and is still running strong I hope to do a valve check on my own in the next couple of weeks and keep it running just as well as it has been the last 10k miles or so.  Before that 10k it had a couple of issues but that is for another post……….


But it has actually never left me completely stranded so maybe I should stop whining!


This bike brings so much to my life and I have done so much on it.  Do you have a bike that floods you with countless unforgettable memories?


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