I had finished my current job on thursday and had friday off.  Since the weather was amazing I decided to do some wrenching and take the husky for a spin.  It needed an inspection, the turn signals wired up and the plate mounted.  I still feel like this thing should not be street legal and everyone who sees it says the same thing!  Interesting to note is that you must have a working dash that reads MPH to pass inspection.  They squeezed me through because I have a GPS that reads MPH but it looks like I will need to pick up a more permanent solution as the stock one does not work.


So back on topic after sorting all this stuff and doing some hooliganism I went by one of the most controversial areas in my town, the old Grumman factory.  This place was shut down years ago to the woes of the residents in town who worked there.  It created a ton of jobs at the time and it was heartbreaking to have it shut down.  Heck if it was still functional I would probably work there!  The one thing about it is that ever since it shut down the town has been fighting trying to figure out what to do with the land.  Wikipedia states that Riverhead decided on turning it into a resort and the project is supposed to start in 2012, well it’s 2012?  When is the work starting?.


In the meantime some small and large businesses use the old warehouses for storage and other things.  It is cool to go check it out too as it has the old runways and you can see old blast panels used to shield the buildings from jets they were testing.


Info on the area




Do you have places like this in your town?



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