The motorcycle bug hit me really early in life I had a dirtbike at 13 and rode the heck out of it.  I actually still have it out at my dad’s shop till this day, it’s a 1996 CR80 2T!  It still runs even though nothing has ever been done to it which is amazing.  The second I turned 17 I got my motorcycle license and fixed up an old 1982 Yamaha Virago 920 my dad had laying around.  It was beat up it had gutted pipes and the governor stopped it at 85mph, but it was fun!! I was the only kid at school with a motorcycle and damn did I think I was the coolest!!  Me and this bike went everywhere I pretty much stopped driving my car all together and rode this whenever I could.  This bike taught me a lot even about counter steering and not to mention it was a twin!  Man did I start early with twins haha.  Of course I was a long way from ATGATT those days, I am glad I made it to where I am in one piece.  Here is a picture of me and my first motorcycle.


O and that little cr80?  Here it is :)


What was your first bike?  Do you still have it around?  Mine bit the dust and we had to trash it as it was too expensive to try to fix but hey i’m still riding!  I don’t exactly miss this bike too much though as I didn’t get really big into riding until about 2007.