We have been riding almost every sunday with how warm the weather has been this winter.  And the past couple weekends have been one hell of a couple of rides!!  The first one being my weekend at the dirt track which was a ton of fun.  Sometimes nothing beats doing the same turns and jumps over and over again just perfecting your technique.  I put up a video of this, it’s nothing special just a quick lap at the track.



Which brings me to another predicament with video and photos.  Putting together video of a day can be a daunting task there is always so much to go through.  Unless it’s an epic ride it is hard to make a really good one.  So from now on if i’m going to post video of a regular sunday I think i’m just going to take some clips without music or special effects and throw them together.  For your enjoyment here is the clips from this sunday with Crudmop and Fuzzygalore.  Take special note in the middle of the little man, at exactly 30 seconds, climbing up the hill in the distance, that would be me.  I was ok!



So what do you think of putting videos up like this?  Would you rather not see any video at all?  Or is this acceptable in small doses?  What do you do when it comes to video or photo taking?  I just would hate to put the gopro on photo mode because I would miss the full video and sound of crashes like the one above.