Having the Ducati in storage is a blessing and a curse all in itself.  For one I am able to have it close by and it makes me think I will still be able to ride it whenever I want.  But being that the storage unit has no electrical outlets I have to pull the battery and keep it on a tender at the house.

Now with the new job I have a lot less time then I used to when it comes to the end of the day.  When I lived at home and I wanted to commute to work I would just pack my bag and put it on the bike in the garage and then i’m good to go.  It has become a bit of a hassle if I want to commute to work now.  I have to skateboard or ride my bicycle to the storage unit with some gear, my battery and tools in tow.  The unit isn’t that far though only half a mile so it isn’t too bad…..Then put the bike together then ride it back to the apartment then pack my bags for tomorrow.  And now since I have to look snazzy for work the business clothes have to go on under the gear.  But hey its the price I pay and since it is warming up i’m sure i’ll be riding more and can leave the battery in.  I think the main part is i’m getting the itch to ride badly with this nice weather we are having and haven’t had a lot of time to do it.

This saturday i finally manned up and put the battery in and went for a ride.


I remembered three things while riding the first one being that long island has a serious lack of quality roads to ride for a sportbike especially in the middle of a saturday.  The second being that someone giving me a thumbs up and grinning at me on the bike can make my day.  And the third?  Well I really like girl scout cookies

There was a troop selling them outside the shopping center near me, I had to stop and get some.  How was your weekend?  Did you ride?  Do you have some tricks for commuting?