Impromptu night rides are some of the best rides on a bike.  Lou who lives local messaged me to go grab a tag on tuesday night around 9:30pm.  What is a tag you might say?  It’s a game played by ADV fans around the world where you take a picture in front of something with your motorcycle then other riders go out and find it to take a picture with their bike.  Then the person who found it goes and finds something else cool to take a pic of.


On to the 9:30 message……..I had worked an 11 hour day, had to be up the next day early for a meeting, I was absolutely whiped out.  But I could use a good ride and after some himming and hawing I approprietely said “f*ck it lets go”.  Funny thing was Lou became tentative about going!  We did finally agree to go and Lou was cool enough to let me catch a ride to my storage unit and get my bike.  We did ride 2up……..but you have to do what you have to do!


Once on the bikes and riding into the cool night air all my tiredness and everything I worried about at work was gone.  It was absolutely refreshing to be out and about on the Ducati even if it was just a bunch of highway riding.  We eventually came upon the tag which was in my old stomping grounds and grabbed the pic.


I rolled into the apartment a bit after midnight with a huge grin on my face and passed out around 1.  I hadn’t slept that well in a while and wokeup refreshed on only 5 hours of sleep.  It is amazing how much a short ride can refresh you. This also allowed me to commute on the bike the next morning!