I always thought I was a well prepared individual, that was until I started riding dirt bikes and met some of the other dirt riders.  I always had all my tools with me, air pumps, rain gear, etc etc when riding on the street.  Little did I know the amount of tools needed for a long ride in the dirt.  Every day I learn something new I should keep in my tool box for the preride check or another trick that I have been neglecting.  For the latest ride up into the Berkshires I actually ALMOST had everything working.  The only thing missing was the wiring on my trailer…..which I promptly did the night before at 8pm after work when I had 4 hours to drive.  But hey I made it!!  Here is my trusty camp site!

Well I pulled it off and I have to say that was the fastest I have ever fixed anything I think.   But hey i’m getting there, one day I will be able to leave right after work with everything in tow.  Even my tool roll has everything for trail side repairs now, so I am close!  I’m usually good but with the husky and trailer garaged so far from me I tend to not find a lot of time during the week to take care of it.

What do you leave for last second on a ride?  Or do you always have everything ready to go?