Pre-Berkshire Setup

I always thought I was a well prepared individual, that was until I started riding dirt bikes and met some of the other dirt riders.  I always had all my tools with me, air pumps, rain gear, etc etc when riding on the street.  Little did I know the amount of tools needed for a [...]

Private Parking

I rode to work in the blistering heat on wednesday since my car was in the shop.  Little did I know that my new job has some motorcycle only parking.  And it looks like I had all the spaces and the shade to myself.  I felt rather special having my own private spaces today.  Almost [...]

Happy Father’s Day

If it wasn’t for my awesome dad I probably wouldn’t have found motorcycles so early in my life.  He taught me all the knowledge he had about motorcycles when I was younger and got me started on this crazy addiction.  As previous readers have seen he even rides a sport bike now!!  My dad is [...]

Exotics Pfffffffft

That is what I say every time something happens to any of my harder to get parts for, high maintenance, not sure why I bought it, it looks good as a paperweight motorcycles.  This had applied to the Ducati for years but eventually it settled down and doesn’t have as much quirks as it used [...]

New Riders and New Steeds

Two of my friends picked up bikes this past week to ride the street.  It is great to have some of my life long friends getting into the hobby with me.  The one friend of mine actually was the first person I rode with when I was 13. And i’m really happy as they have [...]