The CL350 is officially a little more famous

Looky Looky – the folks over at have posted up an article on the 1968 CL350 Cafe bike!

It’s one of the blogs I read quite often, has some great content and pictures of bikes from all over the globe – so it is quite flattering to see he’s posted up about my silly project :)

Go give them a looksee and droll over all of the amazing bikes he’s blogged :)

Motorcycle Rear View: Honda CL350
Kenny on his Motorcycle - Honda CL350 in my Rear View Mirror

Kenny on his Honda CL350 in my Rear View Mirror

Honda CL350 – Exhaust Sound & Video Clip

A friend from afar asked me to do a quick vid of the cl so he could hear how the new exhaust sounds.  I grabbed the little one and asked her to do Flip duties while I ran it up and down the block.

Yeah yeah I know I’m squidly with no boots on – I NEVER do that, but it was 36 degrees out and I wanted to quick get the vid done before the sun went down.  Sue me. :)

Project Motorcycle Photo: Gesundheit!


Honda CL 350 Cafe: Custom Exhaust

Welp, it arrived today, and it’s, shall we say, beautiful.

I ordered up this exhaust from Benjie over at Benjie’s Cafe Racer – his original design had a black exhaust shroud, but I asked him to make one in white as I thought it would play well against the white on the tank (and on the white headlight bucket, which I have yet to find the right beauty ring for so it remains off the bike).

New Exhausty Exhaust for the 1968 CL350

New Exhausty Exhaust for the 1968 CL350

Big thanks to Benjie and his crew, it came out better than I had hoped and I’m super excited about it. Toss them some business, they do nice work :)