New Riders and New Steeds

Two of my friends picked up bikes this past week to ride the street.  It is great to have some of my life long friends getting into the hobby with me.  The one friend of mine actually was the first person I rode with when I was 13. And i’m really happy as they have been listening to my advice and both purchased almost full gear, they just need boots.  That puts a smile on my face more then anything knowing they are believing in the ATGATT mantra.  One of the new bikes though isn’t like the others!!  Meet the farm bear and his new ride!

What do you think of these things?  I rode it a bit and it’s like riding a snowmobile, it is a lot of fun.  It has it’s place in the community in my opinion and I can’t wait to go on some longer trips with the guy.  Two wheels though will forever be my speed.


Midnight Ride

Impromptu night rides are some of the best rides on a bike.  Lou who lives local messaged me to go grab a tag on tuesday night around 9:30pm.  What is a tag you might say?  It’s a game played by ADV fans around the world where you take a picture in front of something with your motorcycle then other riders go out and find it to take a picture with their bike.  Then the person who found it goes and finds something else cool to take a pic of.


On to the 9:30 message……..I had worked an 11 hour day, had to be up the next day early for a meeting, I was absolutely whiped out.  But I could use a good ride and after some himming and hawing I approprietely said “f*ck it lets go”.  Funny thing was Lou became tentative about going!  We did finally agree to go and Lou was cool enough to let me catch a ride to my storage unit and get my bike.  We did ride 2up……..but you have to do what you have to do!


Once on the bikes and riding into the cool night air all my tiredness and everything I worried about at work was gone.  It was absolutely refreshing to be out and about on the Ducati even if it was just a bunch of highway riding.  We eventually came upon the tag which was in my old stomping grounds and grabbed the pic.


I rolled into the apartment a bit after midnight with a huge grin on my face and passed out around 1.  I hadn’t slept that well in a while and wokeup refreshed on only 5 hours of sleep.  It is amazing how much a short ride can refresh you. This also allowed me to commute on the bike the next morning!

Sundays, Dirty Sundays

We have been riding almost every sunday with how warm the weather has been this winter.  And the past couple weekends have been one hell of a couple of rides!!  The first one being my weekend at the dirt track which was a ton of fun.  Sometimes nothing beats doing the same turns and jumps over and over again just perfecting your technique.  I put up a video of this, it’s nothing special just a quick lap at the track.



Which brings me to another predicament with video and photos.  Putting together video of a day can be a daunting task there is always so much to go through.  Unless it’s an epic ride it is hard to make a really good one.  So from now on if i’m going to post video of a regular sunday I think i’m just going to take some clips without music or special effects and throw them together.  For your enjoyment here is the clips from this sunday with Crudmop and Fuzzygalore.  Take special note in the middle of the little man, at exactly 30 seconds, climbing up the hill in the distance, that would be me.  I was ok!



So what do you think of putting videos up like this?  Would you rather not see any video at all?  Or is this acceptable in small doses?  What do you do when it comes to video or photo taking?  I just would hate to put the gopro on photo mode because I would miss the full video and sound of crashes like the one above.



The Worker Blues

Having the Ducati in storage is a blessing and a curse all in itself.  For one I am able to have it close by and it makes me think I will still be able to ride it whenever I want.  But being that the storage unit has no electrical outlets I have to pull the battery and keep it on a tender at the house.

Now with the new job I have a lot less time then I used to when it comes to the end of the day.  When I lived at home and I wanted to commute to work I would just pack my bag and put it on the bike in the garage and then i’m good to go.  It has become a bit of a hassle if I want to commute to work now.  I have to skateboard or ride my bicycle to the storage unit with some gear, my battery and tools in tow.  The unit isn’t that far though only half a mile so it isn’t too bad…..Then put the bike together then ride it back to the apartment then pack my bags for tomorrow.  And now since I have to look snazzy for work the business clothes have to go on under the gear.  But hey its the price I pay and since it is warming up i’m sure i’ll be riding more and can leave the battery in.  I think the main part is i’m getting the itch to ride badly with this nice weather we are having and haven’t had a lot of time to do it.

This saturday i finally manned up and put the battery in and went for a ride.


I remembered three things while riding the first one being that long island has a serious lack of quality roads to ride for a sportbike especially in the middle of a saturday.  The second being that someone giving me a thumbs up and grinning at me on the bike can make my day.  And the third?  Well I really like girl scout cookies

There was a troop selling them outside the shopping center near me, I had to stop and get some.  How was your weekend?  Did you ride?  Do you have some tricks for commuting?

How did I get here?

The motorcycle bug hit me really early in life I had a dirtbike at 13 and rode the heck out of it.  I actually still have it out at my dad’s shop till this day, it’s a 1996 CR80 2T!  It still runs even though nothing has ever been done to it which is amazing.  The second I turned 17 I got my motorcycle license and fixed up an old 1982 Yamaha Virago 920 my dad had laying around.  It was beat up it had gutted pipes and the governor stopped it at 85mph, but it was fun!! I was the only kid at school with a motorcycle and damn did I think I was the coolest!!  Me and this bike went everywhere I pretty much stopped driving my car all together and rode this whenever I could.  This bike taught me a lot even about counter steering and not to mention it was a twin!  Man did I start early with twins haha.  Of course I was a long way from ATGATT those days, I am glad I made it to where I am in one piece.  Here is a picture of me and my first motorcycle.


O and that little cr80?  Here it is :)


What was your first bike?  Do you still have it around?  Mine bit the dust and we had to trash it as it was too expensive to try to fix but hey i’m still riding!  I don’t exactly miss this bike too much though as I didn’t get really big into riding until about 2007.