Motorcycle Photo: 1998 Aprilia RS 250
1998 Aprilia RS250

1998 Aprilia RS250

Getting this bike was the realization of a dream.

1998 Aprilia RS250 Project: On the Road Again

Welp, it’s running and full of fun – finished assembling it last night, and it’s officially road worthy.

Street Legal 1998 Aprilia RS250 Project

The world’s GREATEST chick, FuzzyGalore, gave me something super special this year at xmas time. For a long time I’ve dreamed of owning an RS250 – something about it has always touched ‘that place’ inside, and she’s made it a reality for me. Took a bit of effort to track one down in a condition that I liked, in the right year, etc, but we managed to findone and with the help of a dear friend, it’s now here. I’m in the midst of assembling it and making it ready for the road.

Photo album can be seen HERE

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‘Oooh look, they have purple wrenches!’

IOM Vid of some ‘OldSchool’ rides

Saw this over on MCN – great vid of the RC30, RC45 and OW01 @ IOM, celebrating 100 years of the TT.

Check it out: MCN Vid